Right For Me™ Home Insurance

Right For Me Home Insurance

Customize your coverage to
fit your lifestyle

Your home may be the most valuable investment you'll make and you'll sleep better at night knowing it's safe. Right For Me™ allows you to tailor your policy to suit your lifestyle.

  • You get higher limits than industry standard for items such as jewellery, bikes and watercraft
  • You can choose three additional lifestyle coverage extras for only $50 (FREE for our members)
  • You choose how much earthquake coverage you want on personal property as well as your deductible


Protect your home, your stuff, yourself

Your home insurance coverage doesn’t just insure your physical property. It also protects you in case you are taken to court and it covers your living expenses if your home is damaged.



With Right For Me™, you'll get coverage you can count on that protects your home when you'll need it most.



Key Features

  • Fire and storm damage
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Identity theft
  • Personal liability

Optional Coverage

  • Overland/ground water
  • Customizable earthquake
  • Leased land
  • Sewer and water lines


Lifestyle Coverage Extras

With Right for Me™, you can select from a range of optional coverage extras to ensure your lifestyle is covered. Choose 3 for $50 (FREE to our members), or keep adding more at $20 each.

  • First Claim Forgiveness — In case of a claim under our policy, don’t lose your precious claims-free discount
  • Replacement Cost Payout (contents) — Replace stolen or damaged contents or receive cash payout for losses under $10,000
  • Same Site Restriction (dwelling) — In the event of a total loss on the dwelling building or detached private structure, you can select to receive a cash settlement calculated on a replacement cost basis
  • Loss of Income Due to Insured Peril — Loss of earnings when assisting in a claim: $250 per day to a maximum of $2,500
  • Increased Identity Theft ($25,000) — Provides coverage for the expenses you’re most likely to incur in your efforts to restore the accuracy of your identifying information
  • Green Endorsement ($10,000) — Replace damaged property with environmentally friendly products
  • Sports Equipment Rental Costs — Get coverage for up to 14 days if your golf clubs, skis, snowboards and other eligible sports equipment are stolen, lost, damaged or delayed during travel
  • Tree Removal ($1,000) — For any one occurrence, to remove fallen trees on your premises due to windstorm, hail storm, or the weight of ice and snow
  • Wine Cellar Protection ($10,000) – Protect your collection for breakage or spoilage
  • Blanket Coverage Option Jewellery ($20,000) — Doubles your coverage from standard $10,000
  • Reduced Glass Deductible to $50
  • Golf Cart Kept at Golf Course ($10,000)
  • Personal Injury — You are covered for liability claims involving libel, slander, false arrest, wrongful eviction, and defamation of character


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