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Socially responsible investing

Do well while you're doing good

As a credit union we value corporate social responsibility—we’re mindful that many of our members carefully consider the consequences every dollar they spend could have on the environment, on our communities, and the world. That’s why we provide a way to build your financial future in a way that protects your values through socially responsible investing (SRI).

SRI allows you to invest your money in companies that positively impact society and the world without sacrificing potential investment gains. We offer Meritas SRI Funds through OceanRock Investments. Only investments from companies that are leaders in environmental, social and governance issues are offered.

Advantages to socially responsible investing include:

  • You aren’t sacrificing your financial return in the name of social responsibility
    While the companies chosen by OceanRock Investments are screened to ensure they meet certain social and ethical standards, they are also required to meet a high standard of financial performance. OceanRock offers funds and portfolios from companies with attractive valuations, strong fundamentals and compelling competitive advantages.
  • You’re investing in yourself—and others
    SRI gives you the opportunity to meet your own, personal financial goals while looking out for the well-being of others. You’re supporting the improvement of conditions for factory workers. You’re helping promote cultural and gender diversity. You’re influencing meaningful change. You’re encouraging organizations to support fair trade. The money you invest goes toward building a more positive world for many people.
  • You’re investing in a greener world for future generations
    The companies you support through SRI with us are committed to making lasting positive changes to their environmental policies and practices. Not only are you making a positive impact on your personal financial future, you’re helping to preserve the environment for generations to come.

Learn more about Socially Responsible Investing on our website. Or book a meeting with a financial planning expert to get started.

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